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Prologs system


* Environmental monitoring
* Ground and surface water monitoring
   Data logger for water level, conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen, flow rate, ...
* Soil and landfill monitoring
  Soil water, soil water stress, tensiometer, lysimeter



Radio interface (contact up to 300 meters for example from vehicle)
without plug, compensation of barometric pressure over probe  (no humidity problems, absolutely waterproof )
Networked via radio (data logger system, to the integration of radio nodes over long distances).
Transmission of alarm and control signals by radio (cabling free remote control of pumps, alarms, ...).
Remote maintenance, remote data (entire data logger network or single sensor) on the GSM network nodes or GSM plug-in module.


Maintenance, repair and rental of PROLOGS-systems, SOMET-systems, PROSENS-systems.
Service (building and controlling of monitoring networks, measured data transfer for example via e-mail, Internet, ...).

We rely on over 20 years experience in development, production and operation of outdoor data loggers!


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