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Prologs System

Due to its small size our logger can be use for applications from 1 inch onwards.

The modular design allows any exchanges up to feature set (cable module, sensor module, power) and any merge sensor and cable modules to the customer specification variable multiple probe.

Radio interface enables wireless self-organizing networks, consisting of measuring probes, actuators (control modules) and GSM module for transmission through relay stations (radio nodes) also over greater distances.

Anyone who has had a notebook damaged by a snow storm or who could not read anything on the screen due to dazzling sunshine, or even got their boots stuck in the mud, will appreciate the ability to contact the sensors easily and wirelessly from the comfort of a  vehicle.
Additional benefits:

  • Moisture problems affecting the readout connector are a thing of the past.
  • Absolute pressure proof, damaged cables are a thing of the past.
  • As there is no pressure line, there is no chance of penetration and humidity condensing on the cable.
  • Small dimension, excellent price performance.
  • For best service and short lead time.

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