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Maintenance/rental service:

Rental service modules, probes, multi probes (short delivery on standard modules, from 48h), as long as stock last.
Maintenance, subsequent calibrations and repairs of sensor modules (48h in standard modules).

Technical support, project support:

Maintenance of sensor networks and modules (for calibration, engine swap,...)
Acquisition of data collection in the area and provision of data in the custom form.
Water technical advice in connection with one of our partners (engineering, geology offices).

Special designs, adaptation to customer requirements (software, hardware):

Software and hardware customization
Programming custom modules
Special designs (software, hardware)
Special customers designs
Special customers sensors into existing systems integration
Developing custom instruments

Abundant range of accessories:

Various sensor modules
Battery calibration fluids
Cable modules (standard or custom length)
Various stop it changes for the different level caps types...
Light alloy...

Contact SOMET PROSENS probes:

Acquisition of range SOMET / PROSENS (repair/rental service)

Maintenance SOMET/PROSENS probes
Battery and probe Exchange
We offer the entire SOMET product range, both rental and repair of single and multi probes from SOMET-and PROSENS program.
We can access the former SOMET member experience and can be relied upon for short delivery times and moderate prices.
The lead time for contract probes shall not exceed 3 days (as long as stocks are available).

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